Dengue Facts

- A flu-like viral disease spread by the bite of an Aedes Mosquito
- Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever is a severe, often fatal complication of dengue.
- No Specific treatment for dengue
- Prevention is by avoiding mosquito bites and eliminating breeding sites of mosquito.
- Safe way to prevent mosquito bite is by the use of DEET Free or Organic Repellants.

The GreenCow Company Inc.

The GreenCow Company Inc.
Greencow is founded and created to address two urging concerns
  1. Protection and Profitability of a Filipino Scientist-Inventor’s product line.
  2. Creation of a true Filipino Direct Selling and Network Marketing Company that is paperless and cashless operation.
Greencow brings into the mark, a radical health product innovation, thas is produced only in the Philippines. GREEN (natural and organic) and SAFE (to environment, humans and animals). Greencow aims in prevention and protection from disease carrying mosquitos and other insects, viruses, bacteria and fungus.
"Be a part in protecting and preserving our Environment"
"Promote and Patronize Filipino Scientists' and Filipino Inventors' with World Class Products"
"Encourage and Sustain Small Medium Enterprises to Fuel local production for Countrywide Prosperity."
"Direct Selling Only, Not Networking"
contact 09227066338 or email at

Product Registration : National Commission on Urban Pest Control
Per 1992 Filipino Inventors Incentive Law RA 7459
Per Presidential Proclamation no. 990 and Health Circular 166 series 1975
UPC-2007-01-001 (Equivalent BFAD Number)


SilverPen38 said...

Do you have anti-flea products for pets/dogs?

Jude Roman said...

yes we have just call or text 09236211522 said...

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